How to enter

  1. Download and read the entry pack
  2. Please register and click “My Dashboard” on the site navigation and follow the “Submit entry” process. 
  3. Decide which categories you are going to enter. You may enter as many categories as you like but each must be treated as a separate entry and payment made for each.
  4. Add a short description of no more than 400 words as an overview of the project. Please note: In the event your entry is nominated for an award this text will go live on the website.
  5. You have the option to acknowledge another company if the work has been jointly created.
  6. Upload hi-res images (at least one image required – file limit 10MB. jpg, gif or png files accepted) of your work and include any supporting YouTube or Vimeo video URLs. Please note: In the event your entry is nominated for an award, the images and videos will go live on the website and the “featured image” will be used in the awards ceremony presentation.
  7. Make sure you are happy with all aspects of your online entry as changes cannot be made when submissions are closed.
  8. Once you have uploaded your entry please proceed to payment. Once payment is made on the website your entry will change status to “submitted”. Your second and every consecutive entry will be discounted and the website will apply the discount automatically. You have to submit and make a payment for one entry at a time. If you would like to make one payment for multiple entries, please request an invoice via your dashboard.
  9. Once payment is processed you will be sent a confirmation email and a receipt will be sent to your accounts department.
  10. Once you have submitted and paid online, please prepare and post your physical entries (where applicable).

Please note:
All entries in the Architectural categories will require a one 4 page A4 document to be uploaded as part of the submission process. This is to help the judging process and will not be published. See submission form on the website for more details.

Production and submission of A1 and A2 size boards (as per previous years) is no longer required.

Please do not post boards.