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As night clubs remain closed over the Covid19 pandemic and old venue posters still hanging (dated March 2020) Now faded & peeling. Still depressingly advertising long ago canceled events.
We looked to bring Glasgow back to life in some small part with a fresh gig using posters with no date promoting a party that could not be canceled, showcasing the best electronic live streams and recordings curated by Glasgow Electronic.   
The concept of the A1 poster and promotions were to quickly allow any passers by to take a photo of the oversized QR code, taking them direct to the livestream of the moment or a library of archived musical talent to pick from.  The content will remain up until clubs begin to open and we can take stock. 
Electronic Glasgow A growing collective formed in 2018 to promote and celebrate the city's electronic music culture. With a wide range of world famous clubs and live venues, a strong history for breaking underground DJs and bands, as well as a long list of influential record labels. Glasgow has become a destination for a new type of international tourist. C19 was not going to stop them doing what they love. 
The identity was both simple and hard hitting. Representing an electronic On/Off setting or the digital pulse of the city in a pure form. It had to be clear from distance on a stage, still sharp when squeezed onto the footer of a flyer or eye catching as a social media profile.