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Too Gallus was enlisted by Dockyard Social to bring to life their brand identity and online presence. Having been involved in the set up and creative process from the beginning Barrington knew that the Dockyards website had to live up to its larger than life presence. The site had to be fun, interactive and bold. We wanted to avoid the design cliches surrounding street food and create an online experience that felt truly unique, leading customers through a journey to explore the venue, the menus, the vendors and the ticket buying options. Over the pandemic to help Dockyard stay open we flipped the site to become an online click and collect service which allowed the venue to stay open for a few more vital months. The website currently sits one page 1 of Webflows most admired and viewed e-commerce projects and has done since its creation, garnering world wide attention and acclaim as well as being used as a platform example by web flow in all of their online communications, leading to Too Gallus taking on an advisory role about how web flow can be utilised for e-commerce.