Design for Good






TreeStory are a community of forestry experts on a mission to revitalise the Scottish landscape. Scotland is one of the most deforested countries in Europe. Its history has been one of stripping the land bare, clearing both communities and trees in the name of economic progress. Traditional forestry can sometimes leave devastation behind, creating vast expanses of cash crop monoculture that ignores the woodland’s complex ecosystems.

TreeStory believes it’s not too late to reverse the damage done. Their ethos is about much more than trees. It’s about bringing a fresh approach to forestry, protecting and expanding the land and encouraging woodland habitats to thrive. Their mission: to restore people’s connection with nature, changing landscapes and lives.

We wanted to build an identity that reflected the ongoing narrative of land restoration. The re-naming from Sylvaculture to TreeStory communicates the company’s vision to educate and inspire future generations, rewriting Scotland’s story one tree at a time. 

A flexible visual identity represents the tailored and caring nature of TreeStory's approach to forestry. Each hand-cut inked, and printed block print reflects their tools and expertise, which they use differently in each instance or location. We purposely steered away from tree symbols and illustrations in order to reflect the wider picture: water courses, flora, fauna and their ecosystems.