As the world changes before our eyes at a pace which would have seemed impossible mere months before it is more important than ever to step back, take stock and savour the achievements of a transformative moment in time.

The Scottish Design Awards stand as a bulwark against the bedlam, serving not only as an arbiter of the quality of delivered work in difficult circumstances but as a guide to lead us all through to happier times. In collaboration with our media partners at Urban Realm and The Drum no-one else offers the scale, pedigree and authority span the full design spectrum in all its facets.

Open to all architects, engineers, graphic, interior and digital designers the Scottish Design Awards celebrate class-leading work, best practice, sustainability and innovation in all its forms. We don’t reminisce for a romanticised past nor extol a future which may never come but demonstrate the vitality of an industry delivering its best work here and now.

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